New York City Corporate Travel Benefits

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New York is the global business capital and home to some of the world's most high-profile companies, startups and high-tech headquarters. Hotel Shocard puts you right in the middle of Midtown's high-rises and office building complexes. So you’re where you need to be while away on business. Stay connected with Wi-Fi and get down to work from the second you arrive. With a prime location near Times Square and Broadway, you'll find yourself close to companies like WE Howell, Rudin Management and the Belasco Theatre as well as moments away from New York City's convention centers and office work spaces. 

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NYC Companies Nearby

New York City is bustling with businesses and corporations. You'll find many companies near our hotel, most of which are just within a five-minute walk:

Rudin Management 0.1 mile 

Bam Sales 0.2 mile 

ICS Builders 0.2 mile 

Belasco Theatre 0.3 mile 

Frontline Printing NYC 0.4 mile 

Marathon Asset Management 0.6 mile 

Structure Tone 0.6 mile 

Jonathan Rose & Co 0.6 mile 

WE Howell Co 0.7 mile 

Greater New York Insurance Co 0.7 mile