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The Medium And The Mentalist
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Fountain House Gallery
Date: March 28, 2020 to March 28, 2020
Where: Fountain House Gallery, 702 Ninth Ave., New York, New York, United States, 10019
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Concerts & Music
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MARIAH KUNAU has been practicing her psychic and mediumship abilities for over 5 years, enjoying and embracing every moment. She has had the wonderful opportunity to study under some of the best UK tutors over the years, and she still continues to train to hone her abilities. She also finds spirits teach her special things too, during her private sessions, as well as during small gallery readings. In addition, she is a passionate paranormal investigator - connecting with spirits at 'haunted' locations throughout the country, as well as being part of private, paranormal cases. She takes great pride and joy working with integrity, compassion, sincerity and respect. She is truly dedicated to the Spirit World, and also to the living who may need healing, comfort, a connection or closure with their loved-ones(and even pets) in spirit. TOMMY BURNETT is a working professional magician, mentalist and Hypnotist. He has been performing amazing feats of psychic entertainment for 4 decades all around the world. He has an extraordinary gift for mind reading, and thought influencing. Through out this live show he performs supernatural feats far beyond telepathy and mind reading taking you on an exciting adventure built on drama, tension, and astonishment doused with a huge sprinkling of humor, comedy, and fun. This presentation weaves new insight and questions about possibilities ahead into one of the most entertaining and mystifying performances of psychic phenomenon today. He is based in New York City but has performed in 48 out of 50 states and across Europe and Scandinavia. Together they are The Medium And The Mentalist also known as The Paranormal Mystics. Performing demonstrations of what they each do best. On March 28, 2020 you will have the opportunity to witness this very entertaining show close up and personal. The Fountain House Gallery is a lovely space that sells art made by men and women recovering from mental health issues. AND the art on the walls will be
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